It’s Not Just Covid-19

Corona Virus

In February, I was hospitalized for several days due to a Transient Ischemic Attack (mini-stroke). Discharged with an implanted heart monitor, follow-up testing and consultation with a Neurologist and a Cardiologist were to follow. Of course, in the wake of the pandemic, these were all cancelled, postponed to some date in the future as all hands are on deck dealing with the clear and present danger of Covid-19; this is a truly understandable situation. I am certainly not angry about this; in fact, my heart goes out to the medical professionals dealing with this deadly enemy.

In one sense, I was fortunate to have had this attack prior to the full force of the outbreak given the current and hampered state of medical care in this country, and really throughout the world. It meant having to take it easy and being cautious to do everything possible to prevent a recurrence, kind of like steering a car with your knees on a busy highway knowing that if I have an accident, there won’t be any help coming.

However, here is what DOES make me angry: the plethora of politicians and people rallying to have a cessation to the stay-at-home precautions because they’re tired of being cooped up. Yes, I understand and fully appreciate the difficulty of insufficient resources to pay for food and other necessities, but that should be a concurrent focal point for the government, to create a safety net for those without the means to see this through. The stimulus bill, which basically offers $1,200, is merely a drop in the bucket and doesn’t work equally across all demographics. While it covers nearly two months’ rent for my son in Texas, it’s less than one months’ rent for my other son in Queens, New York.

Reopening the country to appease those who claim that shelter-in-place provisions violate their rights to freedom is the epitome of self-entitlement. Opening too early, a situation that may either extend or exacerbate the pandemic, puts more people at risk that just those who contract the virus. It affects everyone with a significant underlying health issue not related to Covid-19 because the health care system can’t deal with virus victims and other issues at the same time. Full and adequate response is simply beyond its capabilities. I just read yesterday that EMT responders are being given do-not-resuscitate instructions. The death toll results of Covid-19 doesn’t account for the ancillary deaths attributed to non-related crises.

Someone recently posted what I think is a smart response to the protestors. If you’re so willing to reopen everything, then post the names of your family and friends who you’re willing to let die just so you can go walking about in exercise of your freedom.

Stupid is as stupid does.

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