Making magic…

This blog post was by the man who brought a first reunion of our MFA alumni together with some stellar help – Thank you Darren, Lori, and Kat for this incredible gift. As our captain and mentor, Merle Drown suggested, writers are able to continue writing new novels after the first one because the confidence that you’ll get it done is there. We now all have the confidence that we will have many more reunions to come as a result of this. Writing is magic, and getting back into the bubble was like a trip back to Hogwarts…


Trees retreat group shot

How do you make magic?  Since I don’t have a cauldron or a wand, and I am unfortunately all muggle, my method was less Prospero and more Field of Dreams.  “If you build it…”

This past weekend, twenty some odd writers gathered at a one hundred fifty year old farm house in the rural north country of New Hampshire.  It was the first reunion of Southern New Hampshire University’s MFA alumni.  These writers traveled from Oklahoma, Michigan, New York, Tennessee, and one even sneaked in from Canada.

The magic was not a slow build.  It did not need to percolate.  It burst upon us and just gained in power like a flywheel hurtling at maximum speed.  People who had not seen one another in years, or had never met, immediately curled into chairs and nooks and shared writing and ideas.

We called our grad school residencies “the bubble.”  In the bubble we were not…

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Alfheim – Gary Nilsen

When you write your heart out, to hear the kinds of things that this review says…well, that’s what it’s all about!!



I was given the opportunity to read Alfheim before it was released and if I’m honest I was a little hesitant given my past experience with free eBooks. When I started reading Alfheim I had to swallow my fears and hesitations because it wasn’t long into the plot and I was hooked. Alfheim follows the story of Timothy, a seventeen year old student who is struggling after losing his mother. He has hardly any friends and a few bullies willing to make his life hell in and outside of school. Just as he gives up hope and contemplates suicide a fairy saves him from his mundane life and himself, introducing him to a world he never knew existed and one that depends on him.

I really loved this plot, it was like nothing I’d read before, I haven’t read many fairy based plots but this book has made me want…

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