Alfheim – Gary Nilsen

When you write your heart out, to hear the kinds of things that this review says…well, that’s what it’s all about!!



I was given the opportunity to read Alfheim before it was released and if I’m honest I was a little hesitant given my past experience with free eBooks. When I started reading Alfheim I had to swallow my fears and hesitations because it wasn’t long into the plot and I was hooked. Alfheim follows the story of Timothy, a seventeen year old student who is struggling after losing his mother. He has hardly any friends and a few bullies willing to make his life hell in and outside of school. Just as he gives up hope and contemplates suicide a fairy saves him from his mundane life and himself, introducing him to a world he never knew existed and one that depends on him.

I really loved this plot, it was like nothing I’d read before, I haven’t read many fairy based plots but this book has made me want…

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